Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Transition Town Censorship

Yet another example of the Transition Town Leadership response to critics to the TT attachment to Anthropogenic Global Warnming and Peak Oil.

Posted and Censored (as expected) from Transition Town Blog at 15:50pm – 12th October 2010

"When the Transition Town leadership acknowledge that the ‘Twin Drivers’ of Anthropogenic Global Warming and Peak Oil are political constructs, the ‘movement’ might actually appeal to a wider cross-section of the community!

It might also help if the Transition Town leadership refrain from labelling their critics as ‘Holocaust Deniers’ and censoring posts which challenge the TT orthodoxy!

Cheers, Ian"

Posted in response to Rob Hopkins' recent malicious attempt to label Ian R Crane as a 'Holocaust Denier'. Guess he's still p*ssed off at his performance in the Glastonbury Radio debate of March 2008. Lucky he doesn't hold a grudge!

Ian R Crane will shortly be posting the complete exchange of recent Emails with Rob Hopkins and fellow Transition Town co-founder, Ben Brangwyn. These Emails speak volumes and expose the magnitude of intellectual dishonesty at the heart of this Eco-Cult.

Peak Oil: Myth or Reality?

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