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Rob Hopkins ... Portrait of an Eco-Leader in Denial

This is the 3rd in a series of malicious Emails sent by Rob Hopkins, Co-Founder of the Transition Town movement and member of Transition Network Board of Trustees, a registered charity which received hundreds of thousands of pounds annually in return for promoting the ‘Twin Drivers’ of Peak Oil & Anthropogenic Global Warming.

This round of Emails commenced on 23rd September 2010 when Rob Hopkins attempted to defame Peak Oil critic Ian R Crane. In the interests of transparency, the reader is encouraged to read through this Email exchange and determine for themselves the veracity of Rob Hopkins allegation(s) and his motivation for harbouring such antagonism toward his critics.

Read Rob Hopkins previous Email HERE.

----- Original Message -----

From: Rob Hopkins

To: Ian R Crane

Sent: Friday, September 24, 2010 1:05 PM

Subject: Re: Holocaust denial....

It was a simple enough question Ian, yes or no will suffice, interesting that you seem to be struggling to provide an answer. I have no intention of engaging in a public debate with you. Why would I choose to throw away any ounce of credibility I have gained through years of hard work by being publicly associated with someone who believes that the 'Georgia Guidestones' are a founding document for the Green movement, that the 2012 Olympics will be used to stage a pretend alien invasion and plenty of other more bizarre things besides? You may be happy being the laughing stock, I am not. Now, could you answer my question please?



Comments on Rob Hopkins Email:

1). Rob Hopkins is evidently becoming a legend in his own lunchtime as he writes, ‘I have no intention of engaging in a public debate with you. Why would I choose to throw away any ounce of credibility I have gained through years of hard work…?’

Yet if Hopkins is able to articulate his case competently and effectively, his credibility would surely be enhanced! Similarly, as he claims my supposed 'research' bears little resemblance to actual research’, he should be able to capitalise and ably demonstrate that I am indeed a ‘laughing stock’!

2). As with many ‘Greens’, Rob Hopkins demonstrates classic Cognitive Dissonance when confronted with the prospect of having to explain and distance himself from the ‘Goals and Objectives’ listed on the ‘Georgia Guidestones’, along with the documented comments of many leaders of the ‘Green movement’; preferring to pretend that there is nothing to debate! (See ‘The Green Agenda & Population Reduction’ for more on this issue).

3). Rob Hopkins dismisses my 2012 Olympics hypothesis, as presented in ‘Fool Me Once …’ but makes no attempt to refer to and/or refute the supporting evidence.

4). Hopkins also suggests that I harbour, ‘… other more bizarre (ideas) besides.” No doubt he would have made the same observation a few years ago if he had been aware of my presentations on the following topics:

a). A False Flag Terror attack to be staged on Sears Tower Chicago on 6th June 2006. I presented this hypothesis at a Conference in Chicago on Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th June 2006 (approx 27mins into raw footage HERE). Reports of my presentation were broadcast on local radio & television news and on the Alex Jones Show … nothing happened! However less than two week later the following Reports appeared in the US National Media:

CNN Report

MSNBC Report

b). The imminence of meltdown in the Financial & Property markets. See Fool Me Once’ – Recorded July 2007; one month prior to the collapse of Northern Rock and five months before the UK property market went into decline.

c). Those who elected to follow my counsel in 2007/08 with regard to the financial markets are certainly laughing … all the way to the bank! Except that their investments are NOT in any Bank!!

d). The Swine Flu Pandemic scam as presented to the Shoreditch Sisters Women’s Institute on Tuesday 28th April 2009, (Read report HERE) just a few days after the ‘outbreak’ of the H1N1 virus in Mexico. This presentation was recorded as The Truth Injection in July 2009. Having ignored the evidence available from the alternative research community, global governments spent $billions on potentially fatal, untested and completely unnecessary vaccines!

e). How would Rob Hopkins have reacted had he read the Newsletter I distributed on 19th April 2010 encouraging my readers to ‘Stay Vigilant’ as I strongly suspected that a False Flag event was imminent. 24 hours later the BP Deepwater Horizon rig exploded. In the subsequent DVD presentation BP, Population Reduction & The End of an Age (recorded 23rd July 2010), I named the individual placed on the rig just four days before the Blow-out; this individual needs to be asked some very pertinent questions! However, this individual has pleaded the Fifth Amendment and Congress has so far denied the power of subpoena to the Gulf Coast hearings!

See Video Intro to my BP DVD HERE

If presenting the above information ahead of the game makes me a ‘laughing stock’, then I guess that I will continue to be the source of much merriment to those who are locked into their own myopic one-dimensional version of reality!

No doubt Mr Hopkins would suffer from an extreme bout of hysterical laughter if he knew exactly what I am currently predicting will occur within the next few years … time will tell but so far I’ve been right more often than I’ve been wrong!

Compare the above with Rob Hopkins self-serving view of the world when he was quoted in early May 2008 as the price of oil was marching up towards $150 per barrel. When the price of oil rises, Hopkins cheers. "It's like a racehorse owner cheering his horse. The things I want to see happen only happen in times of high oil prices...” Hopkins showing total disregard for the effect that the manipulated rising oil price was having on the elderly and those less fortunate than a certain Transition Town co-founder drawing a £50K+ salary from a registered charity. Indeed on 27th June 2008, just a few weeks after Hopkins made this ill-advised quote, the Western Morning News ran a front page feature on the case of George Mechan, 92, who killed himself by wiring himself up to the mains electricity because he feared his inability to meet the cost of his rapidly rising heating and lighting bills! Another fine example of Transition Town paying little more than cursory lip-service to their much-vaunted claim of ‘Honouring the Elders’.

I drew attention to this outrage in 'War on Terra' (Released July 2008)

Meanwhile … my response to Mr Hopkins:

----- Original Message -----

From: Ian R Crane

To: Rob Hopkins

Cc: Ben Brangwyn

Sent: Friday, September 24, 2010 1:43 PM

Subject: Re: Holocaust denial....

I've answered your question ... it's in the public domain at about 15mins or so into 'BP, Population Reduction & the End of an Age' . Also in the yet to be released DVD of my presentation at the Deep Geo-politics Conference in Santa Cruz, California earlier this year (See Uncut footage HERE).

Your penchant for Ad Hominem attacks,when you do not have the capacity for open intellectual scholarly debate is becoming legendary!

It is becoming increasingly apparent that you have your head so far up your own dogma that you are completely incapable of applying any degree of critical thought beyond your own very narrow bounds of perception ... so feel free to escalate your rathet pathetic attempt at demonisation (as outlined in the 'Common Purpose' handbook, under 'Dealing with Critics'), it will only serve to provide me with more reason to raise questions regarding the underlying Transition Town 'agenda'.

In your own words, your behaviour is 'Absolutely and profoundly disgraceful'!

By copy of this Email I am hereby requesting a meeting with the Transition Town Board of Trustees to discuss the purpose and intent of your outrageous behaviour towards those who dare to challenge the ingrained dogma of Transition Town.


So let’s see how the Transition Network Board of Trustees react to my request for meeting … but I won’t be holding my breath!

Read the next round of Emails HERE


Anonymous said...

Having participated in some Bay Area Transition Town events, I am saddened to see a founder of the movement attacking Ian Crane. IC was the highlight of the Santa Cruz Deep Geopolitics event. I spoke with him at the Beach Party and can vouch that the breadth and depth of his knowledge is truely awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian good to see you are tackling Transition Town again. I though they had been completely demolished last time you were on Glastonbury Radio with them... shame they cant catch up.

gazelle said...

My summary of the emails (without the emotion):
IC: I disagree with your premise.
RH: I disagree with yours.
IC: Shall we talk about it?
RH: No thanks.

Why can't it be left at that?